Donald Trump has been acting like an oversized orange brat on an extended temper tantrum for most of this election season, so it's only fair that we treat him like a child. To that end, John Oliver has something which Donald Trump desperately wants: a real honest-to-goodness Emmy award. And he'll even give it to long as he concedes the election on November 8th like a good little member of a functional Democracy.

In the meantime, Oliver can't understand how Trump bombed so hard at the Al Smith dinner last week: "Of all the negative things you could, should, and are morally-obligated to say about Trump, being unentertaining is not one of them," Oliver said. "This wasn't a town hall or a debate, this was a $3,000-a-plate fundraising gala at a moth-eaten Manhattan hotel organized by the Catholic Church, a real estate owning, male-dominated, sex scandal-plagued organization with whom Trump obviously shares a uniquely unqualified interior decorator." Losing the white bow tie crowd is bad, but bombing with Henry Kissinger, the world's leading authority on horrific bombing, is just SAD.

In the longer segment, Oliver dived into the extent and root of the country's epidemic of opioid addiction, ripping into the pharmaceutical industry for decades of deceptive practices that he said got Americans hooked on drugs.