John Oliver made a public plea on behalf of revamping and upgrading our country's 911 system on Sunday evening's Last Week Tonight. As he explains below, many 911 call centers are now underfunded, understaffed, and full of outdated technology (especially involving wireless location tracking), "which is fine if you’re describing a RadioShack, but it's a little scary if you’re describing a place that handles life and death situations." And then Rob Riggle and Wendi Mclendon-Covey show up to star in an informative 911 PSA.

Like a lot of other people this week, Oliver also took a few minutes to discuss the truce between Donald Trump and the Republican establishment, and issue an open invitation to "John Miller," Trump's alter-ego/publicist, to appear on the show. "Please come on by, John Miller, there’s literally nothing stopping you other than the fact you obviously don’t exist."