Like us, John Oliver can't quite fathom how Daylight Saving Time—the act of setting the clocks on "normal" time for eight months of the year while pushing them back an hour for four months of the year so that it will be dark earlier in the day and just typing this out right now is giving us a stupidity brain freeze—still exists. Oliver tackled the subject last night for his recurring segment, "How is this still a thing?"—and he was able to do so without dragging Chris Martin's name through the mud, so he's a better man than we.

Check it out below—he places most of the blame on the fuel-conserving measures of the Germans set during WWI, which is partially true, although it leaves out the full colorful history of shady international figures who secretly worked together behind-the-scenes to introduce the stubborn chronological hiccup into society. Never forget that Benjamin Franklin has blood candle wax on his hands.

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