As he stated before the start of the new season of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver doesn't want to cover Donald Trump every week—but when Trump is pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate change agreement, what choice do you have? After showing a clip of Trump's speech last week explaining that the initial celebration surrounding the signing of the agreement left the US at "a very very big economic disadvantage," Oliver responded, "What are you talking about? They were happy because they secured a landmark victory for the future of the planet, you f*cking egomaniac. The whole world is not secretly conspiring against the United States."

Moreover, major American businesses weren't just in favor of the agreement—they actively tried to change Trump's mind by putting a full-page ad in the NY Times arguing in favor of the deal. "Well c'mon, he was clearly never going to be convinced by an ad in the NY Times," Oliver said. "How was he going to see it? If those companies really wanted to get his attention, they needed to talk KFC into putting out a full bucket ad which he would read on the toilet while eating chicken, because that, at its core, is who our president is."

Watch below, as Oliver patiently refutes Trump's reasons for leaving the agreement and stresses the importance of the deal, while dismantling Trump's "ludicrous misunderstanding" of the accord. "Be Our Guest" gets an update along the way, and Oliver figures out the fatal flaw of the agreement: "[Paris Climate Agreement] as a title is so off-brand for him, it might as well have been called the Globalist Cuck Surrender or a light jog."