The news about the Equifax data breach has been somewhat consumed by absolutely everything in this country seemingly going completely haywire at once at all times simultaneously forever, but that doesn't mean it isn't a very important ongoing story that affects the lives of millions of Americans. On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver explained why the breach was so important to viewers who maybe think it's no big deal.

"We're the first generation to routinely send pictures of our junk to each other over the Internet. Why should we give a shit about someone seeing our social security numbers?" he asked. "But you should know: criminals can do a lot more with that number than they can with a picture of your dick."

After going through the details of how the hack happened in July (but wasn't revealed until September), Oliver explained what people could do to freeze their credit with companies like Equifax so no one can access it. Unfortunately, the system is pretty screwed up for regular people, because companies like Equifax "make most of their money selling our data to businesses, like banks. So in their eyes, we’re not the consumer, we’re the product. To think of it in terms of KFC, we’re not the guy buying the 10-piece buckets. We’re the fucking chickens."

To start the show, Oliver covered the ongoing Harvey Weinstein scandal, and came up with the best comparison for Weinstein yet: "So everyone knew and they just went with it. 'Oh yeah, Harvey's gonna burst into your room and masturbate, that's just Harvey,'" Oliver said. "He's like a sex criminal version of the Kool-Aid Man."