"Limiting the power of industry lobbyists and special interests is a genuinely good idea," John Oliver said at the top of Last Week Tonight on Sunday. "But as much as people have taken to Trump's 'drain the swamp' promise, it won't remotely surprise you to know that he has not drained the swamp even one little bit."

Oliver dedicated the episode to examining just how much Trump has not kept that "promise," which, since he took office, has devolved into something amorphous. The swamp now includes the alligators inside his cabinet like the terrible trio of Steve Mnuchin, Gary Cohn, or Wilbur Ross (a.k.a., "the living worst case scenario of what can happen when Wallace Shawn is not stored at the proper temperature"), and even worse, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Interior Department, where the "most important damage is getting done by lesser-known bureaucrats."

Watch the whole segment below, but be warned that it starts off with the most disturbing movie clip you probably have never seen: Trump's Razzie-winning cameo in the 1991 film Ghosts Can't Do It. "That kissy face is the single most disgusting thing that's ever been in a movie, and I'm very much including The Human Centipede," Oliver said.