John Oliver, who has slowly but surely become the internet's favorite late night advocate for sanity, took on the issue of lead poisoning last night. After discussing the Flint water crisis ("Flint has become a city whose very name evokes disaster. Like Benghazi or Wako or Smurf Village"), Oliver explained how lead contamination exists all over the country, "in almost 2,000 additional water systems spanning all 50 states."

Oliver goes over the social and economic costs of lead poisoning, and explains how lawmakers have refused to fund the necessary programs to fix a problem they've known about for over 20 years. "The main program to abate lead paint in housing, HUD’s Led Hazard Control program, has never been appropriated funding above $176 million,” he noted. "It’s been steadily going down since 2003, and this year, we’ve allocated just $110 million. That is just a little more than Americans spent on Ride Along 2, a movie which, incidentally, the NY Post described as 'as funny as lead poisoning.'"

To try to get through to Congress, Oliver enlisted Elmo, Rosita, and Oscar the Grouch to sing a song and explain the importance of the issue so even a child, or congressman, could understand what's at stake.