If you're starting to believe that conspiracy theories about coronavirus are proliferating faster than mind-controlling raindrops from chemtrail seeded clouds, you're not alone. John Oliver devoted the latest segment of Last Week Tonight this weekend to the increase in misinformation being spread, and the shocking number of Americans who believe in them: "These theories are a lot more popular than you might think," he said. “Polls over the years have shown that over half of Americans consistently endorse at least one sort of conspiratorial narrative."

Along the way, he debunks several COVID conspiracies, singles out Donald Trump for his egregious embrace of conspiracy theories, and also says he sympathizes with people's desire to find order in a chaotic world. He also admits to having some empathy for people who believe in murder conspiracies: "Embarrassingly, there is a part of me that thinks the royal family had Princess Diana killed. I know that they didn’t, because there’s absolutely no evidence that they did, but the idea still lingers because it felt too big an event to be accidental. There had to be some intent there."

"I know you may not find conspiracy theories plausible, but you also may know people who do. And while you can't reach everyone, you can reach some—and now more than ever, it might be important for you to try, which clearly is not easy," Oliver said. "It is completely natural to scream at them, 'Why do you believe this nonsense you titanic fucking idiot?!'" Instead of yelling at them, Oliver enlisted Alex Trebek, Paul Rudd, John Cena, Catherine O'Hara and Billy Porter for a series of coronavirus conspiracy PSAs. And you can find all the individual videos on the website The True True Truth.