John Oliver started off last night's all-new episode of Last Week Tonight the way he usually does these days: by diving into the various controversies surrounding the Trump administration. This included Trump's widely-criticized interview with Fox Business Network ("Only Donald Trump could use a conversation about missile strikes in the Middle East to advertise the cake at Mar-a-Lago"), his reversals on various policy issues ("The president seems to change his mind based on any information that is new to him...We have a leader operating on a learner’s permit"), and Sean Spicer's Holocaust commentary.

"At no point during that was he in control of his own mouth,” Oliver said. "Most specifically, the moment he suddenly decided to coin the term 'Holocaust center,' which sounds like the home arena for an alt-right hockey team."

In the longer segment of the evening, Oliver dove into next week’s election in France, and the major implications for the rest of Europe. "The fate of Europe rests in the hands of a country that looks at snails and says, 'I have got to get you in my mouth,'" he noted. Among other things, he compared National Front candidate Marine La Pen to Trump: "One of the frustrating things about watching this unfold from America is this feels a little like deja vu: a potentially destabilizing populist campaigning on anti-immigrant rhetoric who rages against the elites, despite having a powerful father and inherited wealth, even as all the experts reassure us that there is no way this could possibly happen."