John Oliver's first segment on Brexit last summer was a masterful summary of a world-shaking event that has gone on to become one of his top 10 most popular pieces online. He returned to the subject last night on Last Week Tonight after Prime Minister Theresa May called for a disastrous "snap election" which ended up being a "crumpet-f*ck of epic proportions."

Oliver explains that May suffered such a huge setback in her attempt to consolidate power before the Brexit negotiations because of "mistakes, flip-flops and uninspiring moments" including awkward interviews. He explained the "messy, complicated divorce" between Britain and the EU which has to happen in the next two years:

It's a rough analogy, but try to think of it this way: imagine if Florida wanted to secede from the union. Nice right? But think about everything that would actually entail. Florida has a border with Alabama and Georgia that would potentially need patrolling. Any Florida goods going over that border, like oranges or meth, would likely be subject to tariffs. And then you'd need to decide if Floridians would be welcome to live and work in the US, or Americans welcome in Florida, and that's before you get into the tricky question of who is forced to take custody of Hulk Hogan. The point is, Florida and the US splitting up with be an immensely complicated process. It's a great idea, and we should definitely do it, but it wouldn't be easy. And Brexit is going to be vastly more difficult and more expensive too.

Oliver found a surprising voice of reason in Lord Buckethead, the fringe candidate who looks "like Darth Vader fucked an Amazon Echo" and garnered 249 votes in the election. "It is not a great sign that the single most honest statement from any candidate in this election regarding the difficulty of the task ahead came from a man with a two-foot bucket on his head."

Oliver's final suggestion to May is to send the intergalactic space lord instead of a typical negotiator to the Brexit meetings—he even flew Buckethead to the studio for the episode finale, even though they could have "just made a similar costume and put an intern in it."

In the other segment of the evening, which is sadly not online, Oliver got into former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony and Trump's contradictory impulses about it. "Just think about what he’s saying there: Trump is essentially claiming that he’s been vindicated by testimony that he’s claiming is false," said Oliver. "At this point, he’s become a walking logical paradox. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he just starts tweeting things like, 'I just traveled back in time and killed myself. VERY UNFAIR!'" You can read more about that segment here.