On Sunday, John Oliver returned after a week off with an extra-long 40 minute episode of Last Week Tonight, and he had plenty of material to cover: he prayed that Jared Kushner would be indicted by Robert Mueller, discussed the cowardice of Roy Moore, and criticized Trump’s plan to tackle America's opioid crisis.

"Trump has finally chimed in with his two cents about how to tackle this crisis," Oliver said. "It involves allotting, for the 2.6 million American addicted to opioids, literally about 2 cents each. Trump's fix for our opioid epidemic essentially boils down to: 'Here’s two pennies. Go throw them in a fucking mall fountain and wish your addiction away.'"

But the main story of the evening was on a far less glamorous subject: America's broken flood insurance system, which is an under-reported story that's become increasingly important as natural disaster after natural disaster has hit the country. "Floods were everywhere this summer," Oliver noted. "Think of them as the 'Despacito' of natural disasters: persistent, ubiquitous, and absolutely no fault of the Puerto Rican government."

Oliver explains in the segment how the National Flood Insurance Program actually hurts those most vulnerable: "For insurance companies, the bigger the disaster, the more they stand to profit... And that is a business model not usually seen outside of Nicolas Cage's career."

"Essentially, a government program that was supposed to help people in flooded homes is sometimes trapping them inside them indefinitely," he added. Watch below as Oliver and a Tostitos-loving talking seagull explain it all.