Saturday Night Live returned from winter break last night with host Rachel Brosnahan, but the best thing by far—and I really mean by far—involved a different guest. Former SNL writer John Mulaney joined Pete Davidson for a hilarious, esoteric discussion of Clint Eastwood's insane movie The Mule during Weekend Update (while also touching on Davidson's suicidal message last month).

After Davidson compared their friendship to that of an NBA coach and the controversial rookie, Mulaney said he's been spending time with Davidson to show him "that you can have a life in comedy that's not insane, a sober domestic life." Davidson responded: "Yeah, and after observing John's life, I publicly threatened suicide...I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't make that joke."

The two then got into the absurd (but somewhat true!) plot of The Mule, in which Clint Eastwood ferries drugs for Andy Garcia's cartel leader, and also has two threesomes. Mulaney and Davidson's comic timing and chemistry was exceptional, especially when Davidson noted Clintwood's character got a party for being the cartel's best driver ever: "Fulfilling another elderly grandpa fantasy that a 90-year-old white man can do any job better than a Mexican, even when the job is Mexican drug trafficking," Mulaney responded.

And Davidson also bragged at the end of the bit, underneath the applause, "I didn't mention her once!" referring to ex-fiancee Ariana Grande.

Maybe my brain has been rewired to love anything related to dog humor, but I did enjoy the sketch about Leslie Jones' Tabitha, the Marriage Therapist who uses dog shaming tricks on men—there were some great physical performances, especially Kenan Thompson being shamed in the corner and Beck Bennett's facial expressions.

The pre-taped Kool-Aid ad was a parody of the (bizarrely controversial) Gillette ad from earlier this week—the wispy red mustaches were a nice touch, though I would have loved to see a full Mooney/Bennett '90s sitcom-gone-insane take on it, which is what it initially appeared to be at the start.

If you're a fan of strained puns (and God knows I appreciate them), maybe you'll enjoy the Earthquake News Report sketch, which was filled with tons of silly names.

As for the rest...yeah. The Trump Deal Or No Deal cold open was expectedly terrible (even with Melissa Villaseñor's excellent Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez impression), Leave Me Alurn would have been better if they focused the central premise onto the more clever Lower Back Spikes, Millennial Millions was...well-intentioned and not that funny, the Monologue was unmemorable, the 5-to-1 Barbie Interns sketch wasn't quite as good as its first incarnation (though Heidi Gardner was great as ever), and the Mrs. Maisel parody with Leslie Jones, The Raunchiest Miss Rita, didn't really do enough with its premise.

You can check all those sketches and the rest of Weekend Update, plus music by the hilariously awful Greta Van Fleet, below. Next week, James McAvoy will host with musical guest Meek Mill.