Tens of thousands of people spent over $100 million in North America alone over the last 48 hours in order to be among the first to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And that includes star John Boyega, who crashed the 7:30 p.m. showing of the film at the AMC theatre on 34th Street last night. "As soon as the movie ended, John Boyega ran out, did a round of high fives and thanked everyone," said Joseph Matoske. "It was awesome."

"I was watching The Chipmunks, and I decided to say hi," Boyega told fans. "Thank you for supporting this movie. Thank you supporting me in this movie. And obviously may the force be with you." You can see a video of the moment below.

Matoske said there had been no announcement before the screening. "As soon as the credits appeared, they cut the sound," he told us. "People started booing, since the credit score is such an iconic part of the film. A manager immediately came out and thanked everyone for coming and that they had a surprise for us. John then ran out and started high fiving everyone in the crowd. He did a full circle through the theatre and then stood on the stairs and gave the speech that you hear in the video. Everyone went nuts."

It turns out this wasn't the only screening Boyega crashed. He also went to showings at Union Square, Times Square, Lincoln Square, Court Street and Williamsburg.

You can see a few more photos and videos below:

The force is strong with New York

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During an interview over a month ago, Boyega mentioned he would do something like this: "I'm gonna go to a local cinema and watch the film with members of the public...with a big hat."