On Monday night Jimmy Kimmel kicked off a week of Jimmy Kimmel Live! shows at BAM, in his hometown of Brooklyn (he grew up in Mill Basin). And he started things off by making as many corny "hipster" jokes as possible: "Last time we were here, people asked, 'Will you ever come back?' And I said 'Only if you promise to open 2,000 new cold-press juice shops,'" adding, "It's especially great to be able to do our show here at BAM one last time before they turn it into a Whole Foods store."

And he didn't stop there, he continued: "In honor of our show being here in Brooklyn, all of the jokes you will hear tonight were written in small batches by hand, on biodegradable hemp parchment, using natural ink that was made from sustainably harvested lingonberries. So rest assured, this is all artisanal tonight."

For the week-long run, he's enlisted Paul Shaffer, David Letterman's former musical director/lovable sidekick, to sit in with the house band all week (and do his best DJ Khaled impression). And the two of them put on a mini-talk show inside a taxi, because everyone loves a driving-based comedy show (this is a fact!).

In one short bit, Kimmel and Guillermo were playing some stickball when they broke a celeb's window.

Amy Schumer was one of the guests on the show, and she talked about growing up in Brooklyn and making her Broadway debut in Steve Martin's new play Meteor Shower, which opens next month. Check out some highlights below.

When DJ Khaled came out, he praised Kimmel for being "such a great father" and discussed his plans to ride a jet ski with Schumer after she donated money to benefit the charity RED.

And lastly, LCD Soundsystem performed "Tonite."