Jimmy Kimmel has done it again. "It" being making certain humans of the world look like complete frauds, afraid of being shunned for not being In The Know about Whatever Important Thing is happening right now. He did this at Coachella, and this week he sent out a correspondent to New York Fashion Week to ask attendees what they think about designers. None of the designers exist, but that did not stop the fashion devotees from commenting on them.

For example, when one is asked if she's into George Costanza, she responds, "Yeah, I've heard of him... I like more of his style, I wouldn't say I'd buy his clothes," which the correspondent points out are really more for short people anyway. Plus not everyone enjoys being draped in velvet.

As for Christian Louboutin's new UniBoot—that's one boot for two feet, also fictional—at least two people asked said they'd give it a shot—"If it's a fashion and a trend I may try it."