Jimmy Kimmel continued his week of Jimmy Kimmel Live! shows at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Thursday night with area entertainers Tracy Morgan and Billy Joel. But first, he asked regular people in Brooklyn about the craziest things they've seen on the subway. Watch below as people describe deodorant painting, people peeing in cups, oatmeal accidents, cane chasers, and so many masturbators.

Because Brooklyn is home "to some of the thickest and scraggliest beards this side of Fallujah," he quizzed the audience on whether close-up photos of beards were from Williamsburg or Gettysburg.

Tracy Morgan, whose upcoming show The Last O.G. was supposed to premiere next week but has been postponed until next year, talked about how much the borough has changed: "It’s weird to see white people walking down Myrtle Avenue, unafraid," Morgan said. "I’m a black man from Brooklyn and I’m afraid. I come out of a coma and everything has changed!"

And Billy Joel talked about growing up on Long Island, revealed his favorite Bruce Springsteen song ("Meeting Across The River"—he also sang some of it doing a Bruce impression), discussed his music writing process, the 40th anniversary of his album The Stranger, and announced he was extending his MSG residency even longer.

Joel also performed "Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)."