Millions of fans and desperate parents will be sweepin' the clouds away this Saturday on their way to where the air is sweet (and filled with dragons) when the all-new reboot of Sesame Street debuts on HBO. There will be a swankier set, fewer parodies and celeb appearances, a lot more Elmo and Abby, and friendly HBO neighbors who enjoy the occasion rimjob.

Thankfully, most of that is just background noise, because the most important thing is kids will once again get to enjoy the antics of their favorite Muppets. And judging by Jimmy Fallon's Sesame Street photobomb session in the clip below, those plush puppets still hold a magical sway over kids.

Not incidentally, this clip leads us to believe that when Fallon decides to pull back from The Tonight Show and give his liver a break, he has a second career waiting for him as a children's entertainer.