For the second time this year, viral-content producing computer algorithm Jimmy Fallon has injured his hand. The late night host and apparent party animal was making his way through the crowd at a Harvard Lampoon party in Boston in his honor last night when he fell. You can see Fallon, with a bottle of Jägermeister in hand, take the tumble in the video below.

Jimmy Fallin folks! #jimmyfallon #latenightwithjimmyfallon #harvard

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"He just fell on it," 32-year-old Ryan Schuster, who was at the party, told the Post. "We all thought he did it on purpose. He got right back up and started saying, 'Someone get me more Jäger.'" It certainly looks like he was un-phased by the injury in the video below:

Fallon cut his right hand badly on the broken glass: "He was definitely bleeding," Schuster said, adding that he was able to recover the broken bottle, presumably for his celebrity broken bottle collection.

I have the bottle that took down #jimmyfallon

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Fallon, who got his hand checked out at Massachusetts General Hospital, shared a photo of his bandaged hand:

Nothing that a few band aids couldn't fix.

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Fallon was hospitalized for nearly two weeks this summer after he tripped on a rug, caught his wedding ring on a countertop, suffered "ring avulsion," and nearly pulled his finger off.

You're The Worst creator Stephen Falk has his own theory about Fallon's recent bad luck: