After a long period of seemingly avoiding anything Seinfeld-related (which was then lovingly parodied in season two of Curb Your Enthusiasm), Jason Alexander has really embraced his Costanza legacy in recent years. That's included a Super Bowl reunion with Jerry, the pseudo-reunion during Curb season seven, and now, re-recording his legendary voicemail on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Watch below.

The lucky recipient of the 'bespoke' Costanza voicemail was actress Kat Dennings, who revealed on the show that she is a massive Seinfeld fan (she then started crying a bit out of sheer joy). Revisit the original "Greatest American Hero" answering-machine message below.

Alexander will continue his Seinfeldian comeback by taking over for Larry David on Broadway later this year. If anyone can give the role the je neurotic sais quoi that it deserves, it's him.