Approximately 365 times a year Jared Leto proves to us that his musical career should have ended when Frozen Embryos broke up. This time around he has decided to give his very timely critique of Taylor Swift and her album 1989, which was released over one year ago. He didn't really "decide" to do this publicly, so much as TMZ has obtained video of him doing this, but sometimes it's hard to even tell where TMZ ends and Jared Leto begins. What we do know is that there is a video on TMZ showing Jared Leto listening to 1989 with one of his 30 Seconds to Mars bandmates, apparently for the first time, and saying the following:

  • On "Welcome to New York": "Oh I don't like this at all, next..."
  • On "Blank Space": "Starbucks lovers?"
  • On all of it: "I mean fuck her, I don't give a fuck about her."

The two were allegedly trying to get some inspiration for their own album, which they are likely trying to promote by leaking this "controversial footage"?

Anyway, here is the last time Leto was relevant in the music world.