Tomorrow Ja Rule will begin his two year prison sentence, but before that happens, he took a moment to discuss his thoughts on "Good Day New York" with co-hosts Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly.

The Hollis, Queens-born rapper is going to jail for a 2007 charge of attempted possession of a weapon. While one would think you either possess or do not possess a weapon, here's what happened: Police found a gun in Ja Rule's (or "Jarell," as Scotto likes to call him) vehicle after they had pulled him over, which prompted the arrest.

Rule told Scotto and Kelly that he felt prepared for prison because of his upbringing. "A lot of my friends have been in prison, you know, I have friends doing life," explained Rule. "It's kind of what you get groomed to, you kind of understand it more than the average person."

The rapper also stated that he regretted putting his family through the ordeal and admitted that he deserved to be charged, though he did say that he thought New York gun laws were excessive. Rule even got the chance to promote his upcoming album Pain is Love 2, the anticipated follow-up to his 2001 smash Pain is Love, which will surely delight all 37 of his fans.

The interview ended with Kelly, son of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, awkwardly noting that prison is "a tough, horrible place," to which Rule quickly replied, "Oh, you've been Greg?" Ja Rule — still got it after all these years.

Ja Rule: