Earlier today, a video was being passed around depicting "the worst couple on the internet"—but the problem is, once you really do encounter what realy could be the most annoying couple ever, it makes any parody seem moot. Or maybe we're just being super cynical, and once you actually try the Happy Couple Workout—including Crunchy Kiss, Babe Press, The Proposal, and Love Handles—you'll be just as physically and emotionally connected as Rickard and Alanna. After all, it is "a rich curriculum in love."

Happy Couple Workout from Alana Newman on Vimeo.

There's the whimpering indie rock soundtrack, the ridiculously gooey kissing exercises, The Proposal (nothing is worse than The Proposal), the story of their courtship, and their mission to "absolve gender antagonisms, and create romantic partnerships that are deeply satisfying, functionally synchronized, and emotionally rich." If you can make it through the video without cringing multiple times, then you're better than us.

And if you like the Happy Couple Workout routines, you can join Richard and Alanna every Saturday and Sunday at 11 a.m. in the north end of Prospect Park, on the hill above from the baseball fields, right across from the big stage. Or you could just go and chat with them about how awesome leggings are.