Of course you won't hear about it in the Santa-centric lamestream media, but Saturday's Santacon was marred by protests against Claus's unfair treatment of elves. You may recall that Claus—a notoriously dictatorial sweatshop owner who operates his toy factory far beyond the reach of U.S. labor laws—was portrayed in the acclaimed biopic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer as a petulant megalomaniac convinced he had the power to cancel Christmas around the world simply because of a snowstorm. On Saturday, a group of disgruntled elves blasted Claus for the very same tyrannical employment policies that drove aspiring elf dentist Herbie from the Pole. Watch as these brave dissident elves stick it to the man and demand "elf care.":

And never let it never be said that millennials are too self-absorbed and apathetic to rally for an important cause. [Via Laughing Squid]