Courtney playing Don Hill's in 2010. (Screenshot)

In 2010, Courtney Love played a show at Don Hill's (RIP), and you won't believe what happened next. Seasons changed, years passed, your ex-boyfriend got married, your friends had their first baby, you moved apartments, you went through that phase where you thought about the pacific northwest a lot... seems nice there, you started to drink whiskey instead of wine, you saw the series finale of Breaking Bad, and then all this other crap happened. AND THEN, some guy who recorded that aforementioned 2010 Courtney Love show decided to isolate her vocals and release it into the wilds of the internet.

J.M. Ladd was hired to record the performance, and still has the audio, which was never released. He explained, "What you are hearing are just Courtney’s isolated vocal and guitar mics (with the obvious bleed from the rest of the band). I’ve muted everything else. To address the most obvious, inevitable question that I will be asked... this is not fake." Turn it up to 11:

This is really more of a guitar issue, than a vocal issue... and was Courtney Love ever celebrated for her guitar skills? Also, almost no one sounds polished when their vocals are isolated (except Beyonce), particularly not at some late night party at the crowded box that was Don Hill's! Not even Taylor Swift sounds good under the professional care of MTV, as we learned at this year's VMAs (here are her isolated vocals).

After the video spread around the Internet, Ladd later told Gawker:

"She said her voice was going when she arrived. It was really hoarse by the end but she stuck it out through the whole set. Which was cool. As for how it came across, I think it made the whole show better, personally. But I don't like or think music should be perfect. That's boring. I actually think her guitar playing here is fucking awesome. No, it's not good. But I'd much rather see that live than something that just sounds like the record."

Rock on, Courtney