Remember The Low Line, the out-of-left-field underground park some guys are proposing be put in the abandoned trolley terminal beneath Delancey Street? Well, it is still being talked about! But parks don't generally produce money (quite the opposite) and the MTA, which owns the terminal, can really use some extra dough. So its actively seeking any ideas that anyone might have for the suddenly hot spot beneath the LES. So they went and made a real estate porno:

After all those pictures of the space, there is something fascinating about watching a legal video shot down there (as opposed to an illegal one nearby). Plus, MTA Real Estate guy and narrator Peter Hine seems really eager for something to happen down there. Even if it is just a fancy restaurant with views of the trains. Also, love how he just kind of glosses over the unending SPURA development process above the terminal. Still, what this video really does for us is hammer home the fact that this space really must be made into something. Preferably soon! [Via Curbed]