Earlier this week we were introduced to Marilyn Mansfield, the, ahem, "eccentric" Staten Island mother being profiled on the TLC show My Collection Obsession for her impressive assemblage of dolls. This week, a group of iron-willed reporters paid a visit to Mansfield's home, which she shares with her husband Zoth and their two children, to tour her unnervingly lifelike collection.

First you meet Anna Nicole, who is the size of a five-year-old, with "hand-rooted human hair;" and then the terrifyingly realistic "reborn" Sebastian—"my daughter's favorite!"—and an assortment of devil-horn bedecked and vampire-teeth touting Krypt Kiddies. "I'm not doing it to shock anyone—it makes me feel comfortable, happy," said Mansfield. "It's like having the best parts of motherhood—you don't need a sitter, you don't need to change them, you don't need to feed them." Which is... technically true? Fill up on your nightmare fuel, below: