The Statue of Liberty's crown is getting some finishing touches before a grand re-opening on July 4th. It's been closed since 9/11, and now the Daily News' Michael Daly takes a look inside what they dub "New York's attic."

The biggest difference for visitors will be the 10 person-at-a-time limit (though previously it was reported that groups of 30 would be allowed), giving you more space and time to enjoy the visit. Something you'll deserve after the narrow climb of the just-under-200 steps that it takes to get up top. Once up there, the paper was told, "I hate to bust your bubble, the statue isn't facing Manhattan. It's facing France, but you see Brooklyn first." For a Manhattan view you'll have to look to the left. Some other fact they found in Lady Liberty's head: the interior can be 20 degrees hotter than the outdoors (once the outside temperature reaches 90 they shut it down) and high winds can sway the crown 5 inches! Stay tuned to find out how to get your tickets to the top.