Photos via Improv Everywhere

Don't tourists know about flash mobs yet? They have basically become a corporate tool for pushing products, and were even featured in that adorable Justin Timberlake-Mila Kunis rom com Friends With Benefits... twice! Tourists totally saw that movie. And also all of the commercials that feature flash mobs. But yet, some still seemed confused when Improv Everywhere pulled their latest stunt at South Street Seaport. They explain:

"For our latest mission, over 7,000 people pressed play simultaneously and listened to an mp3 file filled with ridiculous instructions at Manhattan’s South Street Seaport. Participants were instructed to dress as tourists to blend in with the crowd and surprise real tourists with their unexpected synchronized actions."

Watch below, and be very happy you weren't at South Street Seaport when 7,000 extra people showed up one day.