Courtesy of Improv Everywhere

Does anyone Christmas Carol anymore? If they do, the bar on caroling has just been raised, all the way to the North Pole. For their latest mission, Improv Everywhere surprised a family with the most epic Christmas carol scenario ever. When the family opened their door, a handful of impressive carolers, donning old timey seasonal garb, began to sing... and were soon accompanied by a 20-piece orchestra, a 13-member choir, Santas, and a soloist in a Christmas suit (buy yours here!).

Sadly, this all took place in suburban New Jersey, as IE leader Charlie Todd claims "you can’t really do it in most parts of NYC since caroling in front of an apartment building doesn’t quite work." This could absolutely happen in NYC though! Charlie Todd & Co., we challenge you to make it so. You have one week.

If you're thinking it's a little too perfect that the family is just looking all Rockwellian when they open the door, Todd explains, "we rented a house and then invited families into the home under the guise of getting a family photo taken."