Participants in 2015's Idiotarod. (Tod Seelie/Gothamist)

The annual Idiotarod is returning once again with their spirited and sloppy shopping cart race throughout the boroughs. Or at least one or two of the boroughs. After some badgering, they told us this morning: "We’re on for January 30th, and in lieu of a boring press release, the masterminds of IDIOT Labs have created this 'wonderful' 'high-quality' 'advertisement.'"

The TL;DW is that if you want to get a team together, contact to request an application. As per usual protocol, no route details will be released until the date. And please, once again, we will beg of you to look back at the greatest Idiots of them all, the Danger Zone team, and try to clear their high bar this time around: