Remember how much you, and Roger Ebert, liked that "Idiot With A Tripod" video that documented the big blizzard that hit NYC in 2010? The "idiot" behind the tripod was Jamie Stuart, and he now wants to bring his magic to a feature length film. Specifically, he wants to bring his movie, titled : TO ERADICATE, to the big screen, and his Kickstarter only has four days left on it with around $40,000 still needed in funding. Here's his video pitch:

Tonight Stuart will be holding court at Lincoln Center for a free screening of his work titled: Jamie Stuart: D.I.Y. Evolution. The program includes 13 short films spanning created over the past six years and arranged in chronological order "to visualize the technological changes that took place (Mini-DV through HD), and also to display my own creative progress." A Q&A, hosted by producer Scott Macaulay (Gummo, Raising Victor Vargas) will follow.