What kid doesn't want to grow up to be a Harlem Globetrotter? Answer: Every kid in the stands the night the backboard collapsed on Bull Bullard during the team's performance in Honduras, sending glass spraying across the court and leaving every starry-eyed child in the room thinking "You know what would be great? A career in accounting."

The Globetrotter's PR arm used the mishap to its full advantage, compiling a dramatic highlight reel in which Bullard dunks and, mid-acrobatic rim hang, seems stunned as the basket tips, toppling him to the floor. The crowd's wild cheers are quickly strangled as Bullard crashes down, and we next see him lying on his back, bleeding from his head.

The camera pans to the stands, where concerned spectators look pale with worry. But Bullard is up! Towel pressed to his head, he points to the heavens/ceiling, twirls his hand in the air and walks off the court. He's back before the end of the game, a bandage over his eyebrow the only evidence of his terrifying ordeal. The video closes with a shot of Bullard signing an autograph for a child, who is still thinking "Fuck that, I'm sticking with soccer."