Hole reunited at Public Assembly last night. (YouTube screenshot)

Last night we received a late-breaking email informing us that there would be a "special live performance by Patty, Melissa, and Eric of Hole," following a screening of the documentary Hit So Hard. Even if we weren't in the 18th anniversary week of the band's seminal album Live Through This, there was no way this was going down without an appearance from Courtney Love. Sadly, we didn't head over there to see it with our own eyes, but luckily some superfans have already uploaded the big moments to YouTube.

Below, the four reunite on stage for the first time in over a decade, performing "Miss World" from Live Through This, and "Over The Edge" (a Wipers cover) off their 1995 EP Ask For ItMichael Azerrad was on hand, and noted, "Well, I never thought Hole would reunite, even for a couple of songs. Then they hugged it out. Gracious all around." The show was held at Public Assembly in Williamsburg, and tickets were just 10 bucks at the door.

Last year at a screening of Hit So Hard, Love addressed the idea of a reunion, saying, "If something's not relevant I don't want to do it, if it's not moving forward I don't want to do it, that's just not my thing." While Schemel was a little bit more hopeful, saying, "Nothing has been discussed, but I have a feeling... Who knows."

Hit So Hard is currently playing at Cinema Village.