Remember when you fell on that patch of ice on North 12th and Bedford? Your embarrassment was caught on tape and will now live forever on the internet. One Williamsburg voyeur says he "noticed 4 out of every 5 people that walked by ate it on the ice there." Instead of warning the unfortunate pedestrians or throwing some salt down, he hit record and later uploaded the montage to YouTube:

If you want to exact your revenge, his name is right there watermarked on to the video and, well, you can probably find him at the Turkey's Nest.

UPDATE: The person behind the lens, Paul McKenna, took the video down—leaving us to live in a world where our children, and children's children, will never get to see hipsters falling on ice... and it's all your fault. He told us he took it down "due to the negative comments it was receiving on your site.... and people were posting address and links to find me. In addition others were posting that I should be beat up and hurt. So, although I understand this just a few comments out of many, I have to be cautious. This video was intended to be funny."