Hillary Clinton celebrated her birthday a day late by appearing on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, making her the fifth presidential candidate to appear on his show this fall. Unlike with some of Colbert's other political interviews, it turned out to be yet another friendly television platform for Clinton, who is turning out to be the candidate most late night hosts (and institutions) like best.

Besides discussing her love for binge-watching Madame Secretary & The Good Wife (no royalty checks though) and her spooky college attire ("Dress up like Hillary Clinton, you will scare your Republican friends," Colbert quipped), Clinton got a chance to reiterate her main political platforms and answer the question, "why do you want to be president?" The most notable part of her response was her declaration that unlike President Obama, she would let the banks fail if there were another crises à la the financial collapse of '08: "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes." She also intimated that she would go after "usurious" ATM fees, so fingers crossed for our presumptive next president.

The night before, Colbert covered Clinton's 11-hour appearance at the Benghazi hearings, which definitely went off without a hitch:

Clinton failed to mention anything about the coconut incident during her appearance though, which seems like a lost opportunity.