Staten Island's New York Wheel will be the world's tallest Ferris wheel when it's completed in 2017. But until the 630 feet attraction is finished, you can have a glimpse of what it might look like from up there, thanks a drone-owning filmmaker.

Scott Grella sent a drone up to where the New York Wheel will be situated, next to the Staten Island Yankees' stadium in St. George and near the beautiful 9/11 memorial (called "Postcards").

Grella, a Staten Island resident, says he'll take a ride on the Wheel "at least once... I always joked that they should just build some big-ass random thing on Staten Island to help stimulate the economy, so when I first heard about it I thought it was kind of funny. But it seems like it might be cool, and the increased ferry service is a plus."

He added, "The views are impressive for photographers who want a new perspective on the city; the video I took doesn't go up to the full 625' due to FAA limitation."

The New York Wheel, which was, once upon a time, supposed to open this year, will cost $25-45 to ride, depending on time of day: CEO Rich Marin told the Advance, "It's $25 during the day, $35 in the evening and $45 after 10 p.m... In the era of Uber and dynamic pricing, what you need to do is make sure your ticketing system is totally flexible. We may find that it makes sense to price differently at different times of the day."