via Improv Everywhere

For their latest mission, one hundred Improv Everywhere pranksters lined up outside of a small 99 cent store in Manhattan on Black Friday, confusing everyone around and seemingly getting the store owner's hopes up for a big day of sales. But hahaha they were JK!

Charlie Todd prepped his pranksters by saying, "When [the store] opens we're going to rush in and act like we can't believe the amazing deals inside, make a few purchases, and then disappear." Thankfully they really did make a few purchases while performing their prank, and dropped off some of those items to a nearby charity organization. As for the store's owner, when a fake news reporter asked him about the surprise influx in customers, he told her, "I'm ready! I really appreciate every single person that gives us business, I really appreciate that." If you want to be one of those appreciated customers, you can head over to the store on 1st Avenue between 4th and 5th streets.