Did you hear the big news yesterday? Andy Kaufman is still alive! That is, according to a 24-year-old woman that claims to be the daughter he had years after we all thought he died in 1984. Andy's (legit) brother, Michael, talked with her on stage at the Andy Kaufman Awards in NYC earlier this week, and noted that he wasn't sure what to believe of her story.

Michael also has his own story about the death hoax, which he was told about not in person, but via a series of letters, ostensibly from Andy, that let him know he was still alive. And as TMZ notes, "The woman's account dovetails eerily with a story Michael told about a letter he found while going through Andy's stuff—a letter Andy wrote explaining a plan to fake his death."

Most likely, this is all some sort of elaborately rolled out plan that master hoaxer Andy Kaufman devised prior to his death, but it is the most intriguing turn in this rumor that turns up every year or so.

This all went down on stage at the Gotham Comedy Club on Monday night during the Awards, and now you can watch it yourself below. She does not give her name, but says Kaufman is a stay-at-home dad, sometimes helps with his wife's business, and seriously contemplated "coming tonight."

UPDATE, 11:50 p.m.:The Smoking Gun has uncovered the woman's real name, Alexandra Tatarsky—as we expected, she's an actress, and her real dad is a doctor. TSG reports, "According to a source familiar with this week’s Kaufman stunt, Tatarsky met Michael Kaufman earlier this year while working at a Manhattan gallery exhibiting a collection of Kaufman 'ephemera and artifacts' from the comedian’s personal and professional life. Tatarsky was recruited by Michael Kaufman to play the role of Andy Kaufman’s daughter." This doesn't mean that Kaufman isn't entertaining us from the grave, however—Michael may have been charged with rolling out his brother's master plan after his death.