Just before 9 p.m. Thursday night, Shia LaBeouf ended his 2.5 day residency at the Angelika Film Center, where he's been holding court since Tuesday, just before noon. The 29-year-old actor has now completed his #AllMyMovies art project thing, having watched every flick he's starred in in reverse chronological order—from Man Down (2015) to Breakfast With Einstein (1998).

The entire thing was livestreamed, with a camera focused on LaBeouf's face, allowing all to see the laughter, tears, yawns, boredom, and pizza. He ended the performance with a brisk escape from his seat, and applause from the crowd—DID YOU MISS IT? You can watch it below (and you can rewatch the entire stream here if you wanted to for some reason? Why?)

LaBeouf propped himself up in the lobby after exiting the theater, allowing those around to take selfies with him—this video is kind of mesmerizing:

The Shia Selfie Factory #allmymovies #newhive

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What did it all mean? We still don't know.