After numerous high profile incidents involving gropey Spider Mans, creepy Woodys, anti-Semitic Elmos and shovey Cookie Monsters, the individuals who dress as costumed characters in Times Square have gotten a very bad rap. While legislators are busy trying to license and regulate anyone who poses for tips, a video captured this weekend offers another option: a surreal vision of a harmonious future in which Hare Krishnas, Super Marios, Mickey Mouses, and Hello Kittys all live, love and work side-by-side in tranquil bliss.

We have the power to create this utopian society—it has nothing to do with licenses and everything to do with trust. The only thing that could possibly ruin it would be if it turned out this was all a lie and these are fake Hare Krishnas, like those fake breakdancing monks or fake Buddhist monks.

All kidding aside: those are human beings underneath those costumes, most of whom are just trying to scrape by on tips. There's enough room in Times Square for everyone who likes to dress up, whether it's for religious or theatrical purposes.

And anyway, this can't possibly be Utopia. Everyone there has figured out how to hold their camera the right way when filming.