From Jen Chung's Bra to Jen Chung's Baby, Gothamist has enjoyed a vibrant and colorful commenting community, one which has fostered a very respectful dialogue about a diverse number of hot-button topics pertaining to the city we all love. Our comment k-holes are legendary both for our commenters' compassion and insights, and also for the criminal death threats, racist paranoia, concern trolls, and steaming heaps of insults. Lots and lots and lots of personal insults.

Videographer Jessica Leibowitz recently printed out some of the most, uh, spirited comments and asked the Gothamist editorial team to read them out loud for the camera. We're not really sure why (the worst comment Leibowitz has received is probably "ugh, what's with the autoplay?!") but we found the experience mildly cathartic. Some of these commenters are real characters!

And it's also a reminder that like celebrities, we here at Gothamist are human beings who occasionally register human emotions, despite all appearances—if you prick us, do we not write blog posts about it? Trolling is a two-way street, you monsters.

In the spirit of community and togetherness, the comments on this post are closed. Thank you for your service.