It seems Google has fired the first April Fools Day shot early by introducing their latest product: Google Maps in 8-Bit for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). For those who want a "sneak peak" at the game before it hits stores, you can click the "Quest" box in the top right corner of Google Maps for a trial. Watch an intro video below, and check out some screen shots above.

As you can see in some of the shots, there are little people spread out here and there throughout the maps, including two little guys hanging out around the Google offices in Manhattan. However, we're not sure what the heck is going on in Dentsville, MD. And there also seems to be a dinosaur buried next to Google Headquarters in California.

Check out some of the fun landmarks, including: the Parthenon, Eiffel Tower, London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Taj Mahal, Colosseum, Washington D.C., Area 51, Sandy Valley, The Pyramids at Giza, Sydney Opera House, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Louvre. For more fun Google Easter Eggs, check here.