Donald Trump, a man who would date his daughter if she weren't his daughter (What a fun dad!), appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night to engage in some cuddly, non-threatening humor to help ease people into sublime somnolence. Fallon revived his classic SNL man-in-the-mirror impressions sketch for the occasion: "Let's be honest: Fallon's a lightweight," Fallon-as-Trump said, getting ahead of his critics. "No way he deserves to interview me. The only one qualified to interview me is me."

Admittedly, the part where Fallon-as-Trump asks Trump, "How are you gonna create great jobs in this country?" is pretty funny. "I’m just gonna do it," Trump replied. "But how?" Fallon asked. "By doing it. It just happens!" "Geeeenius!” exclaimed Fallon-as-Trump.

After they got past that, Fallon and Trump got down to the serious business of a serious discussion about Trump's politics. LOL, nah. Fallon threw some softballs about 9/11 and vets at Trump that played into his noxiously charming side. He had the crowd excitedly eating out of his hand within a few minutes. The most surprising thing in the first part of the interview below is when Trump says, with some sincerity, that he "feels terrible" about Hillary Clinton's email scandal.

“Maybe what’s refreshing about’re off-the-cuff, you get yourself in a lot of trouble sometimes," Fallon says in the next clip. "I think you dig yourself a hole sometimes, a deep hole, and then instead of getting out of the hole, you just dig deeper. And I think if you keep digging, eventually you might come out in China and be the president of China."

And in the final speed round of the interview, we learn Trump loves Kanye ("He's actually a much better person than some people think") and his master plan for the Trump Wall ("We may build it with immigrant labor. We may. But it's going to be a great wall").

Trump's appearance bumped The Tonight Show to its highest ratings for a Friday broadcast in 18 months.

Trump will appear on Late Show with Stephen Colbert in two weeks. It will almost certainly be a more interesting interview.