Now that #PizzaRat has skyrocketed to international fame, NYC's lesser-known creatures are trying to hitch their wagon to a viral star. After all, in just 24 hours #PizzaRat has gotten a book deal, dated a Kardashian, written a Goodbye To All That essay, and moved to Hollywood, where he's set to make his directorial debut on the adaptation of his forthcoming memoir (June, 2016).

It's hard to recreate the success of #PizzaRat, but godammit if Milkshake Squirrel isn't giving it his best shot.

Check this guy out, he's more excited than a junkie who just uncovered a trash stash. You'll be disappointed he doesn't use the straw, but trust us, it all pays off when he dives into the cup head first.

h/t Mashable via Patch