After years of reconstruction, the Rockaway Beach Boardwalk has fully reopened just in time for Independence Day weekend. And if you haven't been able to hit the beach and see it for yourself, one cyclist has capture the entire esplanade in a gorgeous, breezy time-lapse video.

John Huntington took the video while cycling the length of the boardwalk, beginning at Beach 126th Street and going the entire 5.5 mile trip down to Beach 9th. After much of the boardwalk was severely damaged in Hurricane Sandy, half was reopened last year.

ABC reports that $140 million was put into repairs across Rockaway Beach, and the newly beefed-up boardwalk now features more cement and additional steel pilings to anchor it to the ground.

A few more repairs will be made this fall to portions of the boardwalk, specifically between Beach 19th and 39th Streets, but for the time being the whole boardwalk is open. You should visit! You should eat and drink there! Watch Huntington's video below.