The ghost of Courtney past disapproves.

As you may or may not know or care, we unapologetically love Courtney Love, so it is with great, great disappointment that we report that for some reason (Gwyneth?) Love has let the Glee kids sing Hole's 1998 hit "Celebrity Skin" on their adorable little television show. They aren't even using it in an appropriate or fitting way! The segment will be featured in this Thursday's episode, as Brittany and Sam "morph into political rivals" and enter into a "rousing pre-debate cover" of the song. Hole and high school government? Today's youth: you disappoint.

But at least the Glee kids haven't discovered Brooklyn yet... hahaha just kidding some of them are living in Bushwick now! Which they describe as being less scary than Detroit... and we can almost hear them practicing their white boy rap from here.