If we have learned anything this week, it's that you should never set yourself on fire just because the internet told you to do so. But not everyone got the memo: two young adults were recently spotted on the subway giddily attempting to light each other on fire. But their clothing was never really in danger of being set aflame—the only real sparks were in their hearts.

It is hard for many young people to channel their feelings and articulate them cogently when they like-like someone. What we are witnessing here could be viewed as irritating, juvenile and dangerous to other passengers—or it could be the first fiery blush of young love. Just look at the way they fumble for excuses to brush against one another's hands!

For sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds, as that Bard of love once said...so l'chaim to these firestarters. Let's hope the flame of their attraction catches fire to the Corona Light t-shirts of their souls, and never is snuffed out.