With the subway spiraling into frequent chaos, New York City's wildlife, sensing weakness, are staking their claim on the transit system. This week alone, we've witnessed raccoon-spreading on an uptown 6 train, and, of course, the vicious pigeon-eating raven who turned the Kings Highway station's platform into his personal Jean-Georges. Now, it appears the snakes are back at it:

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The above snake was spotted on an L train recently, and was filmed by one Juan Guerrero, who told NBC New York the snake's owner appeared to kiss his pet after the camera shut off. The video eventually made its way onto the @subwaycreatures Instagram page and went viral, since animals in urban settings still shock people no matter how many squirrels are filmed dining on tacos.

Please, for the love of God, stop bringing your snakes on trains—and if, for some godforsaken reason, you spot one of these reptiles onboard, please refrain from making outdated references to that Samuel L. Jackson movie. It's 2017, Dad.