A few days ago Hidden Track reported that they spoke to Aaron Freeman, a.k.a Gene Ween, from "his hospital room in Belgium where he is undergoing a transformative procedure.” They were discussing his new song, "Genene," and Freeman told them: “This song is left to interpretation on purpose. On one hand it’s about change and acceptance on a personal, spiritual level but can obviously be interpreted literally as a sex change.”

Today music outlets that probably don't know much about Ween are reporting that "Gene Ween Announces Sex Change!" But it appears Freeman is actually still in Pennsylvania, and still a man. Today he, along with some friends, uploaded the below rendition of "Happy Christmas."

The video was posted by Hidden Track today, where they added: "We checked in with Mr. Freeman this morning, who got a laugh out of the reaction to his telling us he was in Belgium undergoing “a transformative procedure.” As you can see, he’s still a man…baby."

And now EW has updated their original story, saying, "Ween’s longtime manager Greg Frey, however, tells EW that Freeman’s was likely pulling Hidden Track’s leg, and that he doubts that the sex-change story is true." What is true, however, is that Ween is no more.