There is a saying that real New Yorkers never look up. That isn't true. There's a lot of cool, historic stuff above us and if you aren't looking up at it, you should be. Real New Yorkers look in any goddamn direction they want to, including up and including down... and today we're going to contemplate that downward gaze.

Real New Yorkers look down just as much as they look up, and for the same reasons: there's some worthwhile stuff down there. Sure, sometimes there are terrible and sad things on the ground, but you can't let the fear take hold of you, as you'll run the risk of missing out on something beautiful. There are tiny plots of land that hold big stories, there are old, historic clocks, and there is tile that you almost don't even want to step on.

Below, a quick cut to show you some of what's down there, courtesy of the fantastic #ihavethisthingwithfloors hashtag. These are all floors (and sidewalks) around NYC—from the Met, to the High Line, to Bowery Hotel, to the AMNH, to Dough, to the Empire State Building and beyond...

Video by Jessica Leibowitz